Geschmacklos: Klimaaktivist stellt Grabstein für Skeptiker auf: „Lasst uns nicht jene vergessen, die geleugnet haben“

Die australische Regierung sprach vor kurzem einem von Björn Lomborg initiierten klimarealistischen Projekt eine Förderung von 4 Millionen Dollar zu, das an der University of Western Australia beheimatet sein sollte. Nach Protesten von klimaalarmistischen Kollegen hat die Universität dem Vorhaben nun jedoch einen Riegel vorgeschoben. Man entschied: Keine klimarealistische Forschung an unserer Universität!

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Was stimmt denn nun? In den Medien war zu lesen „Die Eisheiligen fallen 2015 aus, Indiz für den Klimawandel!?“. Wenn man sich dann aber die Daten anschaut, scheinen die Eisheiligen immer kälter zu werden. Josef Kowatsch hat sich der Problematik angenommen und auf EIKE am 24. Mai 2015 die Daten auf den Tisch gelegt:

Seit 08.05.2015 geisterte die dpa-Meldung „Die Eisheiligen fallen heuer aus“ durch die Medien. Das war natürlich zu erwarten, denn immer wenn die ersten Sonnenstrahlen unsere Haut angenehm wärmen, wird uns diese Freude durch irgendwelche Hiobsbotschaften verleidet. Doch kaum einer prüft, ob diese Verkündungen auch der Wahrheit entsprechen. […] Die Überraschung ist  groß, der Monat Mai wurde in den letzten 18 Jahren eindeutig kälter. Da mag sich auch der Laie gleich fragen wie das möglich sein soll, wo doch laut dpa-Gespenstredakteur die Eisheiligen in der Gegenwart anstatt der Kälte die Wärme nach Deutschland geführt haben sollen.

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Der bekannte Klimaskeptiker Lord Monckton war überrascht, als er kürzlich im englischen Cambridge einen Grabstein mit seinem Namen vorfand. Die Inschrift lautete „“Lest we forget those who denied”, auf deutsch „Lasst uns nicht jene vergessen, die geleugnet haben“. Lord Monckton konnte nicht umhin, das als eine Todesdrohung zu interpretieren. Der Grabstein stammte von einem klimaaktivistischen Studenten, der ihn ohne von der lokalen Universität behindert zu werden auf dem Campus aufstellen konnte.

Monckton erinnerten die Vorgänge an das Dritte Reich. Auf erklärte er am 17. Mai 2015:

 I’m dead. Send flowers

[…] I have recently been reading Richards’ masterly three-volume history of the Third Reich. The first volume deals with the perplexing question of how that monstrous regime came to be. And it is plain that the long, relentless campaign of intimidation by the Nazis of their opponents, with name-calling and death threats very similar to that perpetrated by the “university” and by all too many others over the past 10 years, was an essential part of the process.

Most people laughed off the Nazi threats, at first. In Britain and in many other countries, full-on appeasement followed, in the hope that looking the other way would make the threats vanish. It didn’t work. Tens of millions died because too few – the few including such honorable and courageous men as Popes Pius XI and XII and Cardinal Faulhaber of Munich – openly spoke out against the terror. The Nazis then, like their ideological successors at the “university” today, meant what they said.

So my clerk wrote to the vice chancellor, listing a couple of dozen previous instances, all of them in the past decade, where death threats and demands for trial, imprisonment and execution had been made, very publicly, against climate skeptics. This is by no means an isolated or exceptional incident. There is an increasingly dangerous pattern to it. I also wrote to the police and the procurator fiscal in Edinburgh, warning them that if the “university” did not remove the press release from the web and the tombstone from the gallery, I should expect them to prosecute the Internet service providers who were carrying the threat into Scotland.

The “university’s” first instinct was to call in the shysters who are always willing, if paid enough, to come to the defense even of the nastiest totalitarian bullies. In this case, the shysters were Anderson Strathern LLP of Glasgow. Don’t use them, ever, for any purpose. For they pretended there was no connection between the phrase “climate-change denier” and “Holocaust denier” – though all they had to do was to Google the two terms together to see just how deliberate and how widespread that connection is. And they said the “university” had “no proposals to make.”

By then, however, the police and the fiscal were in the picture, so the “university” found it expedient to ignore its shysters and to come to its senses. The press release has been removed from the web, both by the “university” and by another Cambridge website that had unwisely reproduced it. And the tombstone is now gone, too. The poisonous air of palpable menace remains. Dr Roger Pielke Jr., a scientist who has taken a gently skeptical view on some aspects of the climate question, has recently announced that he can no longer conduct climate research, because he fears for the safety of himself and his family.

No doubt many more scientists would have spoken out by now against the totalitarian profiteers of doom who are doing so much to destroy not only the economy but also the freedom of the West. As the danger that an unelected world government will be inflicted upon us at the Paris climate summit this December draws ever closer, we are expecting more such malevolent attacks by the environmentalist Sturmabteilung. But we shall not be deterred by totalitarian thuggery. We shall continue to speak the truth as best we can discern it, whether today’s Nazis like it or not.

And if you are tempted to cite Godwin’s “Law” to the effect that he who calls his opponents Nazis has lost the argument, let me cite Monckton’s Law in return: Those who cite Godwin’s Law confirm ipso facto that they are supporters of today’s totalitarian criminals. Whatever you do, don’t send your daughter to Anglia Ruskin “University.” And don’t ever send it so much as a dime. It is an unworthy institution. Send the money to Cambridge University instead. We’ll put it to good and proper use: the advancement not of crude, fascist propaganda but of learning.