Kalifornischer Schneefall bricht im Februar 2019 alle Rekorde

Schneechaos in Deutschland im Winter 1978/79. Der MDR brachte dazu eine Dokumentation:


Wechseln wir nach Nordamerika. In der Alaska Range schneit es heutzutage so stark wie nie zuvor in den letzten 1200 Jahren, wie Eiskernuntersuchungen am Mount Hunter in Alaska’s Denali National Park zeigten (siehe auch Berichte im Focus und auf scinexx). Hier der Abstract der Studie von Winski et al. 2017 aus Scientific Reports:

Industrial-age doubling of snow accumulation in the Alaska Range linked to tropical ocean warming
Future precipitation changes in a warming climate depend regionally upon the response of natural climate modes to anthropogenic forcing. North Pacific hydroclimate is dominated by the Aleutian Low, a semi-permanent wintertime feature characterized by frequent low-pressure conditions that is influenced by tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures through the Pacific-North American (PNA) teleconnection pattern. Instrumental records show a recent increase in coastal Alaskan precipitation and Aleutian Low intensification, but are of insufficient length to accurately assess low frequency trends and forcing mechanisms. Here we present a 1200-year seasonally- to annually-resolved ice core record of snow accumulation from Mt. Hunter in the Alaska Range developed using annual layer counting and four ice-flow thinning models. Under a wide range of glacier flow conditions and layer counting uncertainty, our record shows a doubling of precipitation since ~1840 CE, with recent values exceeding the variability observed over the past millennium. The precipitation increase is nearly synchronous with the warming of western tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures. While regional 20th Century warming may account for a portion of the observed precipitation increase on Mt. Hunter, the magnitude and seasonality of the precipitation change indicate a long-term strengthening of the Aleutian Low.

Im Februar 2019 meldeten die kalifornischen Skigebiete soviel Schnee wie nie zuvor in der instrumentellen Messgeschichte. Snow-forecast.com am 17. Februar 2019:

All-time Record February Snowfalls in California
Several ski resorts in California have reported they’ve reached all-time record February snowfall totals with the month only just past halfway through.

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