Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber hofft auf Klima-Gandhis, die unpopuläre Klimaschutzmaßnahmen gegen den Volkswillen durchknüppeln

Noch im Wahlkampf erwähnte US-Präsident Barack Obama den Klimawandel mit kaum einer Silbe, jetzt allerdings dreht der Parteigenosse von Al Gore kräftig auf. Obama will das Klima retten und verliest hierzu fleissig Erklärungen und lässt Papiere erstellen. Nun kam jedoch heraus, dass Obamas neuestes Klimapapier auf einem Entwurf basiert, der von drei Aktivisten verfasst ist. Die Mail Online berichtete am 7. Juli 2014:

Revealed: How environmentalists were allowed to draft Obama’s White House energy policy

  • A trio of activists from the Natural Resources Defense Council wrote a 110-page draft that became Obama’s latest global-warming plan
  • Two lawyers and a graduate of a Berkeley program advocating a ’sus­tainable envi­ron­ment and a just society‘ crafted the document in 2010
  • The move is seen as revenge against the second Bush administration for allowing energy producers to advise the White House in secret meetings
  • The document’s lead scientific author now helps run a global-warming super PAC run by billionaire liberal Tom Steyer

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Der Reggae und Hip Hop-Musiker Pierre Baigorry (Peter Fox, SEEED) sprach kürzlich mit Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber über den Klimawandel. Schellnhuber macht einen regelrecht geknickten Eindruck. Die Demokratie würde die Umsetzung seiner Klimaschutzvisionen verhindern. Ein Systemwechsel müsste her. Außerdem vermisst er bei Angela Merkel Größe. Er deutet an, sie würde nur auf Wählerstimmen schielen und hätte daher den tugendhaften Klimapfad verlassen. Es spricht viel dafür, dass er mittlerweile von der Kanzlerin abserviert worden ist. Noch vor etlichen Jahren in ihrer Phase als „Klimakanzerlin“ hatte sie intensiv auf Schellnhuber gesetzt. Möglicherweise hat sie mittlerweile bemerkt, dass sich Schellnhuber mit seinen extremen Thesen weit vom Mainstream entfernt hat und auch vor antidemokratischen Maßnahmen zur Verwirklichung seines alarmistischen Klimaalbtraums nicht zurückschreckt.

Pierre Gosselin hat das Interview detailliert analysiert (Übernahme aus dem Notrickszone-Blog):

Deflated Schellnhuber Views Global Warming As A 21st Century Asteroid Strike…Complains No One Is Listening

When it comes to the progress of the green movement and the Great Transformation, the Potsdam Professor appears deflated and demoralized. No matter what one may think of the German Godfather of climate alarmism, Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber is always fascinating to watch, never failing to deliver comments worth quoting. He’s the professor that once claimed that glo´bal temperature changed linearly with atmospheric CO2 change, and said that the planet would explode with 9 billion people. He also said that a population of 1 billion be an acceptable level.

Like a doomsday “asteroid collision in slow motion”

Already at the 0:14 mark after having said what a unbelievable privilege it is to work at the Potsdam Institute he states:

One day our eyes opened: “Oh! I’m now researching on aspects of the greatest problem facing mankind in the 21st century. And this conviction hardened. Yes, this is the greatest problem of the 21st century.”

At the 1:12 mark Schellnhuber spectacularly piles on the dramatization when it comes to characterizing the seriousness of global warming, comparing it to an approaching asteroid collisions with the earth.

I compare it to an asteroid colliding with the earth in slow motion, yes. If scientists said an asteroid is on a path toward the earth and that we have 20 years to build a defense system, we probably would all start to do everything we could and build away, and wouldn’t care if it cost 50 billion or a thousand billion. But when I say an asteroid is approaching, and that it is called global warming, but the strike will be over 100 years, everyone asks, ‘So what?’. […] Mankind has a hard time planning 20 or 30 years ahead.”

Here we need to conduct a survey of scientists: “Do you believe global warming is as serious as an earth-shattering asteroid strike?” I seriously doubt many scientists would share Professor Schellnhuber’s earth’s doomsday paranoia.

Democracy as an obstacle

On whether politicians are doing enough, Schellnhuber thinks they are moving slowly, but says that new systems of doing things often take time to unfold. But once they are 20 or 30% in place a tipping point is reached, and there is nothing to stop the shift to the new system. As an example at the 3:42 mark he gleefully cites the fact that share prices of Germany’s major power producers have collapsed.

„Ten years ago that was unimaginable. …Suddenly this quaint little feed-in act had an effect. It was just a toy from green politicians.”

Schellnhuber places his optimism in system change and not in political progress. He views gradual political movement and compromise as obstacles to progress. No surprise here, Schellnhuber was never a fan of democracy by independently thinking citizens. At the 4:44 mark when asked what individuals can do, the Potsdam professor says, “We need societal forces that aim to achieve justice…climate change is an extremely unjust matter, yes…forces that are based on values, the protection of creation – if I want to be religious, and so on. Otherwise we just aren’t going to be able to build the political pressure.”

Conferences: most “frustrating and tiring events ” in the world

Prof. Schellnhuber is clearly frustrated that climate policy has bogged down, and says the UN climate conferences are probably the most “frustrating and tiring events in the world”. Later in the interview viewers can witness the sort of nonsense that is produced when a climate professor and a reggae singer discuss economics in an exchange. Schellnhuber believes that divestment could be an effective strategy, if only it were possible to convince investors that oil, gas, and coal are dangerous to the planet. Schellnhuber doesn’t seem to be aware that investment in wind parks and solar systems have already failed.

Slowly one begins to perceive that Prof Schellnhuber is on another planet (one that is about to be hit by an asteroid and where renewable energy works). His solution to get things moving: Get the population to think like he does, and only then will they invest in green energies. He then blames the “inner laziness” of the population to do the right thing, and says that “perhaps we need regulations, laws…compulsion.”

Resigned and frustrated, Schellnhuber spurned by Merkel

At latter stages of the interview, at the 10:20 mark, having worked himself up, Schellnhuber displays a combination of frustration and resignation…as if the human population were hopeless. At the 10:34 mark Schellnhuber contemplates that if only Obama could be re-elected again, and if “Merkel did not run for fourth term“. Here Schellnhuber de facto confirms what some of us have already began to suspect: Merkel has stopped listening to him and the Potsdam scientists. The only hope left for the climate movement, Schellnhuber summarizes, is great leadership coming from somewhere. “A few climate Ghandis wouldn’t be bad.” The warmists are becoming demoralized.